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Specializing in Luxury Homes


Kyle Smith made his way into the home renovation industry in 2017 with the hope of being a different kind of renovation company. What does that mean? It means full transparency and not overpromising. It means telling our clients that there will be noise and dust and days of frustration. Things will go wrong, but we will fix them. We will work hard to communicate daily, to ensure the end product is all you've been dreaming of. Kyle and Kim and their team are committed to a professional process, full transparency, and the very highest quality possible.

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Whether it's gourmet you're going for or a fun space to entertain, you should love your kitchen.

As the kitchen goes, so goes the home, right? Well, that may not be the exact saying, but today's kitchen has become the command center of the home. Why shouldn't there be splashes of color or great pieces of art to create a space that fits the rest of your home? Anything and everything from custom cabinets, extra-large islands for family and friends to gather around, beautiful glazed tile, or counter-to-ceiling marble backsplash. You should love your kitchen. Add statement lighting, a wireless wall oven, a touchless faucet, or a dual-zone wine refrigerator to incorporate just a few of the tech-savvy features that are hot today.


Because you deserve it

Who doesn't need to exhale these days? Our pace just doesn't slow down. We need and deserve a place of reprieve in our homes. For most of us, that is our master bathroom. North Dallas Renovations specializes in creating luxurious, spa-like bathrooms. From marble shower walls to custom vanities to heated flooring, your wish is our command. After all, the bathroom is usually the first thing you see in the morning and the place you finish your day. It should make you smile. Or as this client tells us, she actually says, "I love you" to her gorgeous bathroom every day.



Creating your dream home and the space you need

Gone are the days you need to look for a new home because yours is outdated or you need more space. With a trustworthy contractor, you can recreate your existing home and space today. Whether it's turning your attic into an office, that room you never use into a workout space or adding an ensuite to the house for your aging parents, we can help you make your home the home of your dreams. A place that changes with your lifestyle and needs. In fact, some of our best clients depend on North Dallas Renovations to return for second and third projects as kids leave home or their family grows.


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